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I offer grounded yet inspired counseling.


As humans we can  become rigidified in certain perceptions of the world based on the blueprints that we have been exposed to and how we organize around those. We are often not aware to what extent they dictate our experience of our lives, relationships, environments and projects. Together we can uncover these beliefs and open into new possibilities, literally creating new pathways in our brains so we can access options and resources that were not even perceptible to us beforehand.


I coach leaders to increase  effectiveness, creativity and joy in managing projects and people.

Together we look at internal and external obstacles as well as the limiting beliefs that  might be restricting your freedom to engage powerfully.


We'll address communication break-downs, systemic issues, improve management skills,  expand your vision where it is restricted and clear the path to implementation.



I tailor to the needs of the group. The work may include:

  • Facilitating challenging conversations and processes

  • Assisting individuals and teams  to free themselves from habitual roles

  • Mediating

  • Team-building

  • Teaching effective communication skills

  • Training in relational and mindfulness skills


Dominique Lando, MFT, CHT has been facilitating groups and seeing private clients since 2003. She is the co-founder of Anam Cara Therapy Center in Berkeley, California , a community based holistic collective with an emphasis on somatic and expressive art therapeutic modalities. Dominique teaches at the Hakomi Institute, the California Institute of Integral Studies, JFK University, and other graduate programs in the area. She is now also practicing in British Columbia, where she currently lives.


Her foundation is in systems theory and somatic work, primarily in the Hakomi experiential method of psychotherapy, which is rooted in mindfulness. When facilitating teams, she draws from the Matrix Leadership method and an ecclectic mix of team management modalities. She also integrates EMDR  and sensorimotor techniques which allows her to confidently navigate emotionally charged spaces.

Dominique is from France and was raised in many cultures abroad which informs her multi-cultural perspective. She holds a wide lens for the purpose of group facilitation, blending her background in systems theory, psychotherapy, community development, ecology and Eastern philosophies.

Testimonials for facilitation:

"Dominique is an exquisite practitioner, and facilitates with a kind of mastery that invites transformation into the room. In the several times I have collaborated and witnessed her work, I have been impressed by the ease and effortlessness in which she holds a strong container where trust, risk taking, and deep inquiry can occur. I would invite her into the room over and over again."

Leah Lamb, Communication consultant

"Dominique is a fierce seer of what is happening beneath the surface and has a special gift in getting people and groups unstuck and moving forward."

Julie Wolk, Business Consultant

"Dominique Lando is a highly effective mediator and facilitator of group process.  In working with her, I found her to be skillful and nuanced in her ability to make space for the members of our group to speak, and to know when to share her observations, wisdom, bringing light and awareness to group dynamics, individual psychology and helping increase empathy and understanding between us.  I am very thankful that we chose to work with Dominique, and would recommend her without reservation."
-Eliyahu Sills,  Business Owner and Artist

"Dominique Lando was able to hone in what we were experiencing moment to moment and helped us to see clearly what was going on in our dynamics.  There was always a feeling of being cared for and being in a safe environment.  She knows how to relate to your struggles in a way that makes you feel accepting of them, but she also points the way to moving out of struggle and into harmony."

Surya Prakasha, Musician



Tel: 510-882-3363

British Columbia, Canada


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